Stacey Michalowski, Billing Manager

Claims and Collections Manager

Stacey Michalowski is a Billing Supervisor for Dermatology Partners. She has 35 years of billing and collection experience. Stacey was employed with Dermatology Partners in the billing department from 2012-2016 and returned in November of 2018 to present.

The main thing she would like our patients to understand and know, is that the billing team is always here to help them with their questions. The insurance industry is ever changing and there are a lot of things that go on that people do not always understand or are not up to date with. We are always willing to help them understand these changes. Stacey has a strong people personality that never stops learning and striving to help others. These are qualities that she also looks for in her team.

Outside of work, Stacey is a part-time licensed Massage Therapist. Stacey enjoys the outdoors and traveling with her husband John to wineries across Pennsylvania as well as taking vacations to other states and countries. She has two children, two step children, and a handsome dog named Bernie.